From À LA CaRte to Full-Service: Here for you Before, During, and After your digital launch.

New A-Z Digital packages available for as little as $3,000.


1. Brand Audit: Is your brand aligned with your business goals? Is it clear and consistent online? I can help you get there.

2. Research & Discovery: The final products like logos and websites are just the tip of your digital iceberg. Everything below the surface is the research I provide to make sure your branding and website are ahead of the curve in your industry.

3. Strategy Roadmaps: A project without a plan and goal has no measure for success. I want to get you to where your business plan wants you to be. 

4. Digital Services Setup: Whether you decide to stick with Squarespace or graduate to a CMS (i.e. Wordpress), I can help you set up your domains, servers, email, anayltics and more so your website's foundation is rock solid.

5. Web Design: Wireframes, Site Maps, High-Resolution Mocks, Oh My! We go through your mocks together during each stage of design to make sure you understand the why behind every design decision.


6. Asset Creation: From logos, photo editing and emails to copy, I provide full design services to help your website and brand sing cohesively.

7. Development/Maintenance: For either Squarespace or your CMS, myself and trusted developers ensure your live site functions beautifully. 

8. Post-Launch Follow Up: Our relationship doesn't have to end after design. Not only do I provide training so you can feel empowered to make minor updates yourself, I encourage us to continue on a plan that provides the opportunity to test and analyze your digital success with your audience. 

Ready to see your business bloom online?